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About Us

Company for internal and foreign tradeforte mare d.o.o. Zemun, situated in Zire Adamovic street 6-8 was founded in 3. 8. 2001. godine. Basic operation of this company is import and distribution of goods known by the catch word everithing for 1$ in a America, or in European countries everithing for 1€. There is a large chain of this kind of shops all over the world, which are very popular both for its price and wariety of products thay sell. This company owns four warehouse and office premises on the area of about 2000m2.

Company forte mare d.o.o.has traditional and very god relationships with the comapnies all over the world (Spain, Holland, Germany, People's Republic of China), that are in business of manufacture and wholesale of goods popular for this type o shops. The main goal of company forte mare the strong cooperation with foreign companies as well as maintainance of competitiveness on the home market, it is trying to reach this goal by solid operation is low prices. In the recent secessive years, we had optained a large number of regular custumers (over 8000 clients) and we had made a growing line of operation stronger. Our goods-supplies plans are mainly based on import because the home offer is not enough.In recent years our company has reached significant rate of turnover increase. Basic goal of the company is to be one of the leading trade companies of the kind in Serbia.In this year as well as next year we will continue with the growth of significabts invetsments in company infrastructure. It is expected that by investments we will provide larger quantities of goods to be put on the market in serbia but also in all region.

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